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Party Time Events

Chocolate and Cocktail fountains, popcorn, candy floss, doughnuts, hot dogs, slush puppies and ice cream machines for hire with uniformed staff. Perfect for Corporate Events, Receptions, Wedding and Birthday Parties and Promotions. For the food machines we are fully registered with Epping Forest District Council / Environmental Health and also London Borough of Havering Council Qualified staff only will operate the food machines with a level 1 and/or level 2 food hygiene certificate. The certificates can be shown in advance by request. Public Liability insured for the sum of £5million pounds.

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@PartyTimeEvent2 Apr 06, 10:26

@HolidayGems @playablanca drilling and banging all day long

@PartyTimeEvent2 Jul 10, 21:09

Popcorn and candy floss and slush puppies at @londondarbar

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 12:25

oh look @Worldpay are now saying there was a typing error on the amount now say i owe more STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 11:28

@Worldpay i dont mind thinks being public as whats the point of hiding problems and issues with companies/services/products

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 11:27

@Worldpay 07847 907595

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 11:27

@Worldpay why that the account is/should be closed so no action can be taken i believe

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 11:23

@Worldpay c0943708

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 11:19

the machine that can cost you money by fraudsters from @Worldpay

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 10:50

@Worldpay 489 was a final bill about 10 paid off that then say i still owe 498 what is going on!!!

@PartyTimeEvent2 May 13, 10:42

@Worldpay still at it - 489 was a final bill about 10 paid off that then say i still owe 498 what is going on!!!

@PartyTimeEvent2 Mar 21, 13:39

@Worldpay which has already been discussed on 7th march with andrew mollitor

@PartyTimeEvent2 Mar 21, 11:02

will you stop sending me threatening letters @Worldpay its your machine that was at fault - just close the account !!!

@PartyTimeEvent2 Mar 07, 15:35

so just been told because of a fraudulent transaction with worldpay machine @Worldpay are to charge me another £25 wt?

@PartyTimeEvent2 Mar 07, 11:29

@Worldpay worldpay still sending me monthly invoices when i asked for account to be closed in december - sort it out please

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 15, 15:15

@RoyalMail am i getting compensation of my parcel or just 6 stamps?

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 08, 13:36

@RoyalMail wouldnt you be too?

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 08, 12:28

@RoyalMail the item sent and lost by royal mail was £43.99 how does that equate to 6 stamps or has postage shot up since

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 06, 21:55

@RoyalMail can you tell me why I receive a pack of 6 first class stamps as compensation for lost package - what happens about the item cost?

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 02, 15:23

@Worldpay its already been decided im liable for chargeback

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 02, 14:36

operating instructions as provided by @worldpay do not go by these as you are not covered on transactions

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 02, 14:03

as it says in @Worldpay instructions give machine to customer to enter details etc, now been conned by their machine - beware

@PartyTimeEvent2 Feb 02, 14:00

@Worldpay dont choose worldpay , the machines are not fraud proof and you can get conned

@PartyTimeEvent2 Jan 26, 13:30

@RoyalMail this is getting beyond a joke now shall i submit the claim form again too!

@PartyTimeEvent2 Jan 26, 12:35

@Worldpay i didnt see what difference that makes as thats printed on receipts anyway thank you

@PartyTimeEvent2 Jan 26, 12:33

@RoyalMail it was uploaded at the time

@PartyTimeEvent2 Jan 26, 12:02

@RoyalMail 14th dec i sent it, just snt it via dm too

@PartyTimeEvent2 Jan 26, 11:57

@RoyalMail yes i did